Oregon prison executive testified in Maryland death penalty repeal debate

March 15, 2013 Former superintendent of the Oregon State Prison (OSP), Frank Thompson, recently testified before both chambers of the Maryland legislature as they debated the repeal of the death penalty. Today the Maryland House voted to end that state’s death penalty in favor of life without parole for those convicted of aggravated murder.

Maryland Assembly votes to repeal death penalty

The Maryland legislature voted Friday to abolish the death penalty, which would make the state the sixth in as many years to end capital punishment and add to a canon of liberal policies recently embraced by state leaders.

Gary Haugen plea for execution: Don't let him over-rule governor, state warns

March 14, 2013  EUGENE--If Gary Haugen prevails in his bid to be executed, the Oregon Supreme Court would essentially be vesting the death-row inmate with authority greater than the constitutional power given to the governor, a lawyer for Gov. John Kitzhaber warned Thursday.

Bill introduced to repeal death penalty in Delaware

March 12, 2013  Some state lawmakers, religious leaders and citizens took to the Senate floor Tuesday, calling for the repeal of Delaware’s death penalty.

Salem-Journal: Innocent men speak at Willamette about being on death row

For nearly 18 years, Juan Melendez-Colon listened to a rhythmic buzzing reverberate through his cell on death row whenever Florida executed an inmate at the Union Correctional Institution.

“One day they snatch him up out of his cell, and I know what’s going to happen,” Melendez said. “They are going to kill him.” 

New Poll: North Carolina residents reject death penalty. Respondents favor life without parole and restitution

March 4, 2013  North Carolinians would rather have convicted killers pay restitution to their victims’ families if they spend the rest of their lives behind bars, according to a new poll.

Follow up to Feb. 26 House Judiciary Hearing: Thank you!

A BIG  THANK YOU  to all of the people who attended the Committee on Judiciary hearing on Wednesday (Feb. 26) on House Joint Resolution 1, to repeal the death penalty.

Kitzhaber Urges Death Penalty Vote, Legislative Leaders Lukewarm

January 15, 2013 SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is urging state lawmakers to send voters a measure to ban capital punishment. But in a meeting with reporters Tuesday, legislative leaders showed little enthusiasm for taking up the hot button issue.

The Death Penalty in Oregon Takes a Sharp Downward Turn in 2012

Dec. 20, 2012  Oregon’s death row is shrinking. Since Governor Kitzhaber declared his moratorium on executions, no new death sentences have been imposed and five death sentences have been overturned.

Urban League of Portland Speaks Out on Criminal Justice

December 20, 2012 The Urban League of Portland has joined forces with scores of other Oregon organizations, advocating for the replacement of the death penalty with life without parole. The League has recently been listed as supporting Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (OADP), the organization that leads the death penalty repeal efforts in Oregon.

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