Ron Steiner's December Letter to Supporters


December 14, 2012

Dear OADP Supporter,

It’s been just over a year since Governor Kitzhaber made national news by refusing to allow any further executions in Oregon during his term in office.  He invited Oregonians to debate the merits of the death penalty, and weighed in with his view that it is a failed public policy that should be repealed.

DPIC 2012 Report Released: Death Sentences Near Record Low

On December 18, the Death Penalty Information Center released its latest report, “The Death Penalty in 2012: Year End Report,” on developments in capital punishment in the past year.

Louisiana death row inmate freed after 15 years – with a little help from DNA

6 December 2012 Damon Thibodeaux has been proved innocent of a crime for which Louisiana has spent 15 years trying to kill him. In his first interview since being freed, he talks to Ed Pilkington.

Oregon legislator prepares death-penalty repeal bill, as anniversary of execution moratorium approaches

November 20, 2012 When Gov. John Kitzhaber declared a year ago that he would block any executions as long as he's governor, he also challenged legislators to help turn the moratorium into law.

California Prop 34 Vote Shows Shift

November 8, 2012 On Nov. 6th California voters rejected Proposition 34 and an opportunity to replace their death penalty with life with no possibility of parole.

Oregon Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal in Haugen execution case

October 22, 2012  The state's highest court has agreed to hear Gov. John Kitzhaber's appeal of a decision that ruled his reprieve last November of death-row inmate Gary Haugen's execution was invalid.  Read More

Salem-Journal: Sister Helen Prejean speaks out against the death penalty at Willamette

Oct 24, 2012  Tuesday night’s talk in Willamette University’s Cone Chapel might have been mistaken for a Sunday sermon.

'Dead Man Walking' author Sr. Helen Prejean discusses death-penalty, repeal efforts

On October 21, 2012 Sister Helen Prejean, anti-death penalty advocate and author of Dead Man Walking, talks about Oregon's death row and the death penalty in general.  

In 1982, at the suggestion of a civil rights activist, Sister Helen Prejean wrote a letter to a man on Louisiana’s death row.

INNOCENCE: Louisiana Death Row Inmate Exonerated Through DNA After 15 Years

On September 28, Damon Thibodeaux was freed from death row in Louisiana after an extensive investigation, including DNA testing and the cooperation of Jefferson Parrish District Attorney Paul Connick. Thibodeaux was sentenced to death for the 1996 rape and murder of his cousin. He at first confessed to the attack after a nine-hour interrogation by detectives.

Ohio: Another release from death row

Sept. 6, 2012  Another deadly mistake has been uncovered and corrected. Michael Keenan was released from  Ohio’s death row today, after serving 24 year of imprisonment, for a crime he did not commit. This is Ohio’s second exoneration in nine months, the seventh since 1976 when the death penalty was resumed in the United States and the 141st nationally.

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