OADP Statement on Haugen Case: Oregonians for Alternatives Oppose State-Sanctioned Executions

Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (OADP)

Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (OADP) will oppose the execution of Gary Haugen and all executions in Oregon. While this case has had front page headlines for months now, our organization maintains that the death penalty “system” is too broken to fix.

There is a lot of finger pointing going on in the media accounts. The current news is not the fault of Mr. Haugen, the Judge, the lawyers, the mental health professionals, opponents to the death penalty, the Governor (who has the power to stop an execution), the Department of Corrections, the news media or anyone else. The problem is a “system” that is a failed public policy and provides no real benefit to the citizens of Oregon.

It is the hope of OADP, its Board of Directors, its Advisory Council and great numbers of people who favor repeal that there can be a full discussion about the death penalty. Such a discussion will reveal the many flaws in the “syetem” and point out that it is a public policy that costs millions upon millions of dollars without any real benefit to the public.

Ron Steiner
OADP Board of Directors Chair
(503) 990-7060

(Previously issued statement, Oct. 7, 2011)
“It’s really not about what Mr. Haugen wants. It’s about what Oregon wants as a state and its own sense of humanity and dignity. …..Are we a state that cheers when somebody is executed or are we a state that thinks this is not really what we stand for?”

Tom O’Connor
Spokesperson and member of OADP Board.
Consultant to departments of corrections in the US, Canada and Australia



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