Follow up to Feb. 26 House Judiciary Hearing: Thank you!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the people who attended the Committee on Judiciary hearing on Wednesday (Feb. 26) on House Joint Resolution 1, to repeal the death penalty. In addition to a long list of witnesses, speaking in support of repeal, the hearing room was filled to the allowable capacity and folks were directed to not one, but two overflow rooms to watch the proceedings on television monitors.

The show of support was evident to all those on the committee as well as the media. The fact that few people were evident in opposition to the bill is a favorable sign and an important message to continue to get into the media and the public square .

As far as the hearing outcome, it is still unknown. The status would officially be it is still in committee . We have no indication of a scheduled work session or further hearings. Contacting committee members, declaring your support for repeal of the death penalty in Oregon, continues to be of value. Also, copying your own representative and senator on your communications is
helpful. Legislators pay closest attention to their own constituents.

The committee members and thier email addresses are: (Send USPS mail to their office number at 900 Court St. Salem 97301)

Rep. Jeff Barker (Chair) Rm # H-480

Rep. Chris Garrett (Vice Chair) Rm H-283

Rep. Wayne Krieger (Vice Chair) Rm H-381

Rep. Brent Barton Rm H-275

Rep. Kevin Cameron Rm H-384

Rep. Wally Hicks Rm H-378

Rep. Andy Olson Rm.-478

Rep. Carolyn Tomei Rm H-279

Rep Jennifer Williamson Rm-372

Send USPS mail to their office number at 900 Court ST Salem 97301)

If you do not know who your representative and/or senator is, go to

Ron Steiner



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