OADP Response to Salem Journal Editorial on Haugen Case

Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (OADP)

OADP Response to Salem Journal Editorial on Haugen Case

Salem Journal Editorial: Haugen's death penalty case becomes political circus

Gary Haugen death-penalty case has turned into a political circus

It is time to let Gary Haugen die. His death-penalty case has turned into a political circus that neither serves justice nor compels Oregonians to confront the barbarianism of capital punishment. The Oregon Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday in the bizarre, long-running case in which Haugen wants his execution to proceed but Gov. John Kitzhaber has stopped it.

West of Memphis: An examination of a failure of justice: Coming to Oregon Theaters in March. Discounts available.

West of Memphis - a movie showing a true mistake in the American justice system.

West of Memphis is an examination of a failure of justice. This documentary film tells the hitherto unknown story behind an extraordinary and desperate fight to bring the truth to light. Told and made by those who lived it, the filmmakers' unprecedented access to the inner workings of the defense, allows the film to show the investigation, research and appeals process in a way that has never been seen before.

Oregon prison executive testified in Maryland death penalty repeal debate

Frank Thompson - former superintendent of the Oregon State Prison

Former superintendent of the Oregon State Prison (OSP), Frank Thompson, recently testified before both chambers of the Maryland legislature as they debated the repeal of the death penalty.

Maryland Assembly votes to repeal death penalty

Maryland legislature voted to abolish the death penalty

The Maryland legislature voted Friday to abolish the death penalty, which would make the state the sixth in as many years to end capital punishment and add to a canon of liberal policies recently embraced by state leaders.

Gary Haugen plea for execution: Don't let him over-rule governor, state warns

 Gary Haugen plea for execution- Don't let him over-rule governor

If Gary Haugen prevails in his bid to be executed, the Oregon Supreme Court would essentially be vesting the death-row inmate with authority greater than the constitutional power given to the governor, a lawyer for Gov. John Kitzhaber warned Thursday.

Bill introduced to repeal death penalty in Delaware

Bill introduced to repeal death penalty in Delaware

Some state lawmakers, religious leaders and citizens are calling for the repeal of Delaware’s death penalty. A bill, spearheaded by Senator Karen Peterson, would not only abolish the death penalty, but it would also modify existing death row sentences to life in prison without the possibility of parole. There are 17 men on Delaware’s death row in Delaware.

Salem-Journal: Innocent men speak at Willamette about being on death row

Witness to Innocence

On Thursday, Witness to Innocence Tour stopped at Willamette University’s Cone Chapel, where former death row inmates recounted their experiences to a room of about 70 people.The Witness to Innocence Tour travels the country speaking to organizations about repealing the death penalty.

New Poll: North Carolina residents reject death penalty. Respondents favor life without parole and restitution

68 percent of North Carolina residents support replacing the death penalty

North Carolinians would rather have convicted killers pay restitution to their victims’ families if they spend the rest of their lives behind bars. 68 percent of North Carolina residents support replacing the death penalty with life in prison without parole, if offenders are required to work and pay restitution to the families of their victims.

Follow up to Feb. 26 House Judiciary Hearing: Thank you!

Thank you to all of the people who attended the Committee on Judiciary hearing on Wednesday (Feb. 26) on House Joint Resolution 1, to repeal the death penalty. In addition to a long list of witnesses, speaking in support of repeal, the hearing room was filled to the allowable capacity and folks were directed to not one, but two overflow rooms to watch the proceedings on television monitors.



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