Governor Kate Brown signs SB 1013 to change death penalty statues.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown today signed the legislative bill that changes some of the sentencing laws on the death penalty. Oregon currently has 30 inmates on its death row but has not had an execution in the past 22 years and has only had two executions in the past 57 years.

Oregon, with a moratorium on executions since November of 2011, declared by then-Governor John Kitzhaber and continued by current Governor Kate Brown is one of the many states that have a death penalty but do not use it. Twenty-two states have abolished their death penalty altogether.

Senate Bill 1013, passed in June, changes statutes that were put in place by the legislature decades ago, but are no longer appropriate today. Many of the 23 offenses that qualified a convicted murderer for a death penalty were stricken by this new legislation. Four offenses remain and also stricken was the sentencing language asking a jury to predict "future dangerousness", which according to criminal justice scholars, linguists, and legal scholars, is impossible to prove.

The legislative concept was hatched in May of 2018, with the help of key legislators, academics, communications experts, faith community leaders, former officeholders and members of the board of directors of Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

With the signature of Governor Brown, the new legislation will become law.

For more information, contact OADP Chair, Lynn Strand at or (503) 706 6068.

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