Advisory Council

Gayle, Aba
Renowned abolitionist, activist with Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation (MVFR)

Aldave, Barbara
University of Oregon Law Professor

Ansheles, Cathy
New Mexico Coalition to Repeal Death Penalty

Bergel, Peter
Community Organizer

Bittle, Cheryl
First United Methodist Church Portland, Former OADP Board member

Blitz, William
Spec. Asst AG in OR and WA

Boyce, Cait

Boyd, Conner
Community organizer

Brooks, Dennie
Mental Health Advocate

Buckley, Tim
Writer, Public Relations, Author, Instructor

Cady, Rick
Mental Health Counselor

Callahan, Marilyn
Clinical Social Worker

Cannon, Scott
Peace and Justice Activist

Carrasco, Gilbert Paul
Willamette University Law Professor

Collins, Loren
Attorney at Law

Connor, Sonja
United Methodist Church

Cook, Dave
Former Director, Oregon Department of Corrections and Sheriff

Crothers, Sue
Legislative staff and Business Manager

Cunliffe, Rachel
Portland State University Professor

Czerniak, Stan
Retired Oregon State Priison Superintendent

Davis, Rick
Unitarian Universalist Minister

Davis, James
Attorney at Law

DeLong, Bob
Former Salem City Manager

Fahy, Peter
Former District Attorney

Gay, Janis
Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation / CCV Alternatives to DP

Gear, John

Geer, Randy
Retired Oregon Department of Corrections

Glaus, Ronald
Forensic Psychologist

Glode, Dan
Former District Attorney

Gould, Robert
Pres. Oregon Peace Institute

Gray, Larry
Community Organizer

Gray, Sharon
Former School Board & City Council member

Graziani, Elaine
Former City of Salem Exec. Asst.

Graziani, Emil
Retired Social Service Agency

Greathouse, Lowell
Assistant to Methodist Bishop

Grier, Jacob
Writer, Activist

Hadley, Ken
Defense Attorney

Harris, Andy
Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR-Oregon)

Heard, Fred
Episcopalian Minister

Hennessee, Matt
Baptist Minister

Heisler, Martin
Kol Shalom, Beaverton

Hill, Nancy
Writer and Photographer

Hingson III, John Henry
Defense Attorney

Hoyt, Sonia
Former DOC Superintendent

Hultengren, Elaine
Non-Violent Comm Instructor

Husbands-Hankin, Yitzhak
Eugene Rabbi

Ickes, Jessica
Financial Planner

Jackson, Caren Ann
Photographer and Community Organizer

Johnson, Westbrook
Multnomah County Public Defender

Jubitz, Al
Jubitz Family Foundation

Kanter, Stephen
Lewis & Clark Law Professor

Kaplan, Aliza
Lewis & Clark Law Professor

Kaufman, Ray
Albany Peace Seekers

Kendall, Mark
Energy Consultant

Kolodny, Debra
Rabbi and Facilitator of the faith-based Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance

Kramer, Mark
Attorney Lawyers Guild

Krissel, Paul
Community Activist

Lamm, Gus
Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation (MVFR)

Long, Bill
Author, consultant

MacMillan, Dave
Technology consultant

Maison, Denny
Defense Attorney OCDLA Leg.

Mockaitis, Tim
Pastor Queen of Peace

Murphy, David
Criminologist/ Western Oregon University Professor

Niel, Carl

Noble, Mary Lou
Licensed Prof. Counselor

O’Callahan, Lani
Community Organizer

Patton, Bob
Former OADP Board Chair

Patton, Hazel
Community Activist

Penn II, Dale
Communications Strategist

Plec, Emily
Western Oregon University

Pugh, Kathy
Community Activist

Pugh, Clarence
Former OADP Chair

Rakha, Naseem
Journalist and author

Ricarte, RaeLynn
Author and editor of The Dalles Chronicle, the daily newspaper in north central Oregon

Rogers, David
Exec. Director ACLU-OR

Rubenstein, Matt
Fed. Defense Attorney

Ruyle, Jim
Attorney/Ordained Minister

Sewell, Marilyn
Emeritus First Universal Unitarian

Shields, Chip
Former OR Senator

Singh, Bobbin
Oregon Justice Resource Center

Slepack, Donna
Criminal Investigator

Steele, Judith
Former Oregon State Prison Chaplain

Ron Steiner
Former OADP Executive Director and Board Member

Taylor, Allen

Toombs, Thomas
Former DOC

Vandecoevering, Allen
Prison Minister and Deacon

VanOsdol, Ken
Possible facilitator

Vargo, John

Wallace, Chas
Willamette University Chaplain, retired

Whitney, Michael
Criminal Investigator

Wilson, Marcia
Legal research expert

Zurbrugg, Greg
Mental Health Therapist



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